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As a choreographer

Over the years Deepak has blossomed as a choreographer of high caliber. In keeping with the contemporary trend Deepak choreographs traditionally pure Bharata Natyam items and also ventures in the field of innovations.

Deepak has been the chief choreographer for
HEMA MALINI for classical Bharata Natyam. He is her regular "nattuvanar" and accompanies her whenever she gives Bharat Natyam recitals - in India as well as abroad. He has choreographed more than 25 fresh traditional Bharata Natyam items for her.

Besides his work in Bharata Natyam has also choreographed two solo full length dance presentations in innovative style. In this style Deepak blends deep evocative "
abhinaya" and the concept of "body language" - both based on the Natyashastric tradition. His deep knowledge of the "nritta karanas" of the Natyashastra gained during his studentship at Nalanda and his masterly command over "bhava - niroopana" (exposition of human emotions) gained from his guru Dr. Kanak Rele has made this contribution of his truly memorable.

His two solo productions are "
Ramayana" dance to Saint Tulsidas's lyrics which concentrates entirely on the male characters appearing in the great epic. Deepak himself portrayes all these characters. He has also choreographed a "bhakti" oriented presentation exlolling the beloved deity "shrunathjee" of Nathadwara in which he has explored the various forms of "bhakti" as specified in the "Vishnava Sampradaya".

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