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As a performer

Says Deepak "Without the rhythm of our heart beats we would all be dead. Without rhythm art itself would be dead" . These words appear to be the guiding force of Deepak's artistic existence. Deepak shows tremendous command over "taala" and has won critical acclaim for rendering "nritta" (pure non expressive dance). "Deepak impressed by his nritta and abhinaya. His varnam in Karaharapriya "Ram neeve" was a first rate tribute to the king of Ayodhya. The jathi sequences came off with resounding ease and precision, the mastery of the tala itself a delight to watch.
Yaman Kalyan i.e. Bhavayami Gopala Balam took the mood of Madhura Bhakti even further. The sahaj manner in which this tall, well built man lowered himself to take the child Gopala by the fingers or played pranks with him as the Gopis was out of ordinary.
                                      - Shanta Sarbejeet Singh in The Hindustan Times, New Delhi.

"In the representational item....
A Kannoda pada.... Deepak took the spectators to another realm of Krishna Leela.... Tears rolled down his eyes, he collapsed with ardent devotion and submission.... Wonderment, happiness and a host of other emotions engulfed his face. But ultimately only one, bhakti, prevailed".
  - Times of India, Mumbai.

These words of critical acclaim convey the picture of perfect technique, deep understanding of the theoretical facet of dance and native brilliance of Deepak as a performer.

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