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Raghunath - Gatha


The work of saint Tulsidasa’s is the single most popular text of the Hindus which for over four centuries has greatly appealed equally to the rich and the poor and educated and illiterate, the old and the young, and the scholar and the common man. This magnificent epic has moulded the thoughts & emotions of successive generations of the Indian People. Its popularity is by no means limited to India, nor are the Hindus its only readers. The message of Tulsidasa’s work is all the more relevant today as it reiterates man’s faith in the soundness of moral order that sustains the world. Dark and evil forces may, and will, on occasions, threaten to disrupt that order but Devine intervention will ultimately chasten and subdue those forces.
Raghunath Gatha” is a unique attempt at a visual representation of this immortal epic by and accomplished classical performer & choreographer – Shri Deepak Mazumdar.
Although the classical art forms bear a strong influence of the epics on their thematic content, its treatment within the boundaries of the classical idiom in the present context is rather unusual. The artist unfolds the entire story through its male characters only. The story is narrated through the ‘
sutradhar’ & presented through its important characters.
All the characters are presented single-handedly without a break in performance. The breathtaking transformation of characters in split-seconds has to be seen to be believed.
Elaborate costumes, effective music & soundtrack and magnificent lightings have been used to re-create its intrinsic richness & atmosphere.






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