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A Journey to - Shrinathji


"A Journey to Shrinathji" a dance ballet with the darshans of Lord Shrinathji is an innovative attempt by Shri Deepak Mazumdar, well known choreographer and dancer in the field of Bharata Natyam.

The architectural beauty of the haveli supports the ballet and the presence of
Lord Shrinathji in his entire splendor is depicted.

The vibrant music composed and sung by renowned
Pandit Ratan Mohan Sharma and the lyrics are taken from the Ashta Chhap Sakha of the Vaishnav Sampradaya in praise of Lord Shrinathji of Nath Dwara. And this some zhankis (Darshana) like Mangala – Shringar Holi (The festival of color) and also monsoon Darshana’s are shown according to the seasons. The magical transformation through unique choreography one gets the visual satisfaction of having the glimpse of lord in front of you. The viewers are transported to the holy rituals of the Nath Dwara temple.

The unique production indeed takes you to a journey to Shrinathji.






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